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Luna interprets your style by bringing the kitchen to a new dimension; a dimension capable of modeling secret correspondences between meaning and form, usability of spaces and impeccable design.
Spaces designed for a minimal aesthetic but which makes practicality one of its strengths. Particular and material contrasts, attention to every detail. Luna leaves nothing to chance. COME TO VISIT US OR CONTACT US TO DISCOVER ALL THE FINISHES

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Luna becomes the protagonist of a large scenario that sees the presence of many living elements with a clear style and sober elegance. Each space is studied in detail and articulated according to functional needs.
The relaxation area reinvents the spaces of everyday life, suspended bases and open compartments to offer new horizons of comfort and style to the whole house.
The linear mood is embellished with precious and resistant elements.
Maximum rationalization of spaces thanks to the removable shelves hidden inside the columns.
Compact morphology with clear signs and evident thicknesses. Vocation to technique, linked to a solid manufacturing expertise. With luna the kitchen becomes convivial and merges with the living room.
Elegance sublimated to practicality.
A meeting of shapes and materials of great thickness and strength.
A corner of paradise.
Luna expresses its maximum versatility through innovative elements and trendy finishes.
A strong visual experience. Luna makes the look a fundamental element without sacrificing comfort. The attention to detail is evident and is underlined by the use of pull-out mechanisms for the bases and elegant glass shelves for the showcases with satin doors.
The latest generation appliances and the wide choice of accessories satisfy even the most demanding chefs.

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