Heaven kitchen

Cielo gives the harmony and colors of nature to modern kitchens.
A creative and versatile furnishing program, compositional elements capable of merging with each other and generating original, unique environments.
Thanks to the open modules, conceived to draw your ideas, a modern kitchen takes shape free from schemes and easy to configure in the most diverse spaces. COME TO VISIT US OR CONTACT US TO DISCOVER ALL THE FINISHES

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The material essences of oak and elm are mixed with glossy and matt finishes.
The groove profile leaves the surfaces free to best express the charm of the design.
Cielo represents the beauty and exaltation of clean geometry and perfect design.
The groove profile in the brill aluminum finish is a detail of light that is articulated between the large vertical and horizontal surfaces in the refined oak and elm essence, giving a visual rhythm to the composition and greater emphasis on the warm colors of the worktop.

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